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Hey all, look at that… a new style…

This is the era of the flat Windows 10 look but to be more honest…. the previous style seemed to freak out, I couldn’t login anymore from the home page, so I needed to find a new theme…

I hope you all like it, and check that header, it’s so bad ass!!! I also changed the forum theme to accomodate the wordpress theme. I know it’s a bright style, but that’s just how it is, so no nagging. The good thing about these 2 themes is that they are responsive, so you can open both this site and the forum on your tablet / iPad for easy access

Because of the less users on the website, Leathco has decided to go for a free hosting plan, and soms changes will occur because we will have limited monthly bandwidth. First of all, all the downloads will be hosted somewhere else, but we are still looking for a place to do so.

It’s been a while since I came to check out here on RRR, mainly due to health issues… but I’m working on that… playing alot of Pokemon GO like the rest of the world does, and loose some pounds haha… I’ve neglected the site for too long, because of overweight I had to deal with high blood pressure, double sight, and diabetes, so I’m working on my weight and couldn’t be online much… the good news is that I lost 24 pounds, and my blood pressure lowered.

Also, I’m competing in the NESt2016, and my games of choice were Shadow Of The Ninja and Solstice. I hope our old users will come back, me and Leathco had our reasons for not coming online much, but we will make it up to you. As of yet, Leatcho has difficulties combining his job with the site, but I’ll promise to try to be online a bit more.

Kindest regards, TheWez1981

RGR holding a contest to win a Jri-Rigg Gaming Media Center.

Retro Gaming Roundup and Jri-Rigg are teaming up for a giveaway of the excellent Jri-Rigg Silver Edition Gaming Media Center! The Jri-Rigg is a tiny, Raspberry Pi based setup featuring the highest quality addons and accessories, set up for your media and retro gaming needs. Simply add your legally owned ROMS and you are ready to play! The Jri-Rigg is not your average Raspberry Pi hacked together with a cheap case and controllers. First, they take an authentic Pi unit (not a chinese knockoff) and add heatsinks to the GPU and CPU to help protect your system. Adding to the protection is a solid metal case with a thick acrylic window and a power supply built to supply your Pi with the proper amount of power that includes a power switch for your pi (standard pi just powers on when you plug it in). The SD cards are pre-configured for you (other than your ROMS) so all you do is plug in and play, and are speedy, using the Sandisk Ultra micro SD cards for maximum read and write speed. Speaking of plugging in and playing, the Silver Edition also includes the i-buffalo SNES style controller. Unlike other cheap controllers, the D-Pads on these are built for gaming. No problems getting Ryu to throw that dragon punch! Add in a wireless remote that doubles as a mouse and keyboard. the Jri-Rigg Silver Gaming Edition is the ultimate retro console, and is small enough to take to a friends house for a multiplayer gaming session that fits in your pocket! Go to for the lowdown.

The contest is being held by our friends at Retro Gaming Roundup, home of the longest running (and longest) retro gaming podcast on the internet. Every month they have a new episode featuring news, reviews, and retro game discussion. Usually ranging from 5 to 7 hours long, the show is hosted by Scott Schreiber and Mike James, and also features Simon Butler, Random Dave, and Sparklepuss. YOU can also be featured in the Live News segment, where you can send in your news submissions during the month and than join in a chat room with the hosts while they go over each months news in the retro gaming world. Please check out for more info.



Enter the competition to win over $200 worth of JRI-RIGG kit

The JRI-RIGG Silver Gaming Edition comes with:

The JRI-RIGG unit built around a Raspberry Pi 2 B
A 16GB SD card preloaded with RetroPi
A user manual
A power cord with a switch and 5V power adapter
An Edimax USB wireless adapter
2 controllers
2 USB 9 foot extension cables
Free shipping to USA, Canada and the UK.

What’s more! If you buy one before March 16th 2016 and use the promo code rgroundup when you purchase, you’ll get a $5 discount off the price.

What better way to get one than to win it?
Here is how you do it:

Follow @jri_rigg on Twitter

Tweet @jri_rigg with the message:
I love JRI-RIGG because #rgroundup told me to, and they’re cool with loads of fans. Seriously though, JRI-RIGG is the shizzle.

Go to and find any of the 3 Easter Eggs there, then take a screenshot and send it to

The competition is open until the end of June 2016 and we will pick a random winner during the June Live News broadcast.
They will be declared the winner (providing they have completed Steps 1 and 2).

It’s that simple.

Thanks of course to and

Retro Youtube: Who remembers Captain S, the video game defender?

You may be reading the title of this blog thinking that I am mistaken. Captain N was a saturday morning cartoon featuring numerous Nintendo properties (and many, MANY continuity errors like a green Mega Man and an egotistical Simon Belmont.) However, I am indeed talking about Captain S.

Captain S was a live-action YouTube show that lasted one season in 2007. Taking influence from Captain N as well as Full House, it was a very entertaining series created by PBC Productions, who also produced the Little Miss Gamer show (another very well made series). During an era on YouTube where any retro game review had the typical “angry video game reviewer” style, captain S dared to be different. Its in depth story arc, joined with a fresh (albeit intentionally cheesy) family friendly style, was a breath of fresh air in the caustic YouTube world. It was not only well filmed, but well acted as well, with the actors putting forth a great effort in their roles.

The plot follows Chad Belmont as he purchases a Mega Drive cartridge which contains “The Head”, who dons him Captain S, the Video Game Defender. Chad defends videoland in multiple game worlds inside his Mega Drive (Genesis) while balancing his real world life at the same time, finding that soon the villains in video game land have enlisted someone in the real world to invade and take over both worlds. It’s a fun story, with the story arc culminating in an epic showdown, wrapping things up well while leaving a few ideas open for a second season. Season two was planned, but unfortunately never happened due to financial and time constraints. The series was released on DVD, but is now out of stock. I am very happy to have gotten my DVD back in 2010, which was well packaged and included a few extras like a page from a Little Miss Gamer script and some stickers.

I have combined all ten episodes of Captain S and the Captain S/AVGN Christmas Crossover (yes, this was a thing and yes, it was epic indeed) into one movie length video you can watch below. Join in with me and lets raise a virtual shot glass to the PBC Productions guys that did this series.

Build your own famiclone!

If for whatever you’ve ever felt that the aesthetics of Nintendo’s 8-bit range didn’t live up to expectations, then you’re in luck. Amazon Japan has recently stocked a build it yourself kit of Nintendo NES / Famicom internals which can be sculpted into the console of your dreams – from portable offerings to even tables with built in gaming capabilities.

While a Nintendo NES enabled table might not be the first thing that comes to mind, it is in fact the main example used on this kit’s box, and a good one at that. For many though, this DIY set will come as a real bonus to those already taking part in the retro gaming hacking scene. Long gone will be the days of cutting up the original hardware to meet requirements, with just about everything needed now in one box and compact too.

The Famicom Compatible DIY Kit retails at around ¥3,218 which roughly works out to £20. Coming bundled with two control pads, all the required cables and even a selection of screws too, we expect to see some really creative consoles surfacing over the coming months.

Click here to go to Amazon Japan if you might be interested.

The Retro Gaming Times is back!


Retro Gaming Times was the longest running retro gaming newsletter on the web, starting way back in 1997.  It relaunched a few years back, but had to be closed again.

But like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes to return again!  Check them out at  They even plan on adding all the old issues in the future.

RetroVGS / Coleco Chameleon thoughts

This article is an editorial explaining why RRR is distancing itself from one of our former partners.

So, Mike Kennedy, the founder of Gamegavel, Retro Magazine, and formerly of Retro Gaming Roundup, decided to make his own gaming console.  This began with him purchasing the Atari Jaguar console and cartridge molds under the Gamegavel company banner.  These molds were apparently illigally transferred to a new company (Retro VGS Systems) without notifying the shareholders of the transfer.  This caused some stress between Kennedy and Shrieber (one of the RGR hosts).

A few months later, the Retro VGS was attempted to be crowdfunded on Indiegogo for the insane amount of over 2 million dollars, and costing 300 dollars per console.   This funding attempt failed spectacularly.  A large issue was the lack of a prototype for the system.  So they went back to the drawing board.

Soon thereafter, the system was rebranded the Coleco Chameleon.  It was taken to a large toy fair for demonstation, where some rather smart people deduced that the “system” was a SNES Mini motherboard inside a Jaguar shell, using a SNES SD cart hidden behind a Jag cart shell.   Evidence of this includes the system using a SNES AV and AC adaptor. the pinouts matching a SNES system, the system using SNES controllers, and and outputting via composite when the system is supposed to be HDMI only.

Than they decide to show a clear cased Jag shell with a “prototype” board to prove they had their prototype.  Said prototype was later discovered to be a PCI TV capture card in the Jaguar shell.  Now Coleco could be pulling out of this venture, with all the deceit that has been going on.

With all the deception coming from Mike Kennedy and the Retro VGS camp, I am forced to remove their links and ads from RRR.  I cannot support an individual or company that continually lies to the retro gaming fans in an attempt to make a buck.  I liked the work Kennedy did for the community with Gamegavel and Retro magazine, and hope he can get back on track, but with so many lies to the community, I cannot continue to back any of his ventures, even the older legitimate ones like Gamegavel and Retro Magazine.

While I realize we are a tiny site, and at the end of the day the removal of our support may not matter much, I refuse to support any operation that outright lies to a community that at the end of the day just wishes to kick back and enjoy a few games.

More detailed info at the following links:

Goodbye Gametrailers

After thirteen years, the internet’s oldest and longest running video-focused video game news site has come to a close. On Monday, GameTrailers announced via its Facebook page that it would be closing up shop with immediate effect.

The announcement means that all remaining staff members at GameTrailers have lost their jobs. In June 2014, Defy Media acquired GameTrailers (along with browser gaming sites Addicting Games and Shockwave) from Viacom and was said to have laid off all but 20 staff. The number of people affected by the closure of GT isn’t known but 20 is probably a likely approximate number.

According to GameTrailers associate editor Ben Moore, the staff was only informed of GT’s closing only a few hours before the official announcement.

Launched in 2002, GameTrailers was launched as one of the original places on the internet to see videos of games, including video game trailers. Since then, GT was overtaken by YouTube as the primary host of video content about games, especially trailers. When YouTube became the home of gaming video content, GT tried to become more personality-driven to limited success.

According to Jim Sterling, the pressure for financial success at GameTrailers was what drive the sale of the site from Viacom to Defy Media. Despite running with what staffers felt was a skeleton crew, Viacom’s Spike Digital Entertainment division (GT’s home in the Viacom umbrella) felt that the company was underperforming. The internal plans were to either sell GameTrailers or shut it down. They sold it only for Defy to shut GT down some 20 months after buying it.

It’s interesting how the company that really pioneered video content about video games, not just trailers, was so quickly passed by when YouTube became the home of trailers, reviews let’s plays, vlogging about games and other miscellaneous gaming content. Unfortunately for GameTrailers, while they pioneered the format and the format didn’t really pass them by, the internet did pass them by. With more content creators going on YouTube, people left them for the convenience of YouTube. GT eventually brought a video per day to YouTube but so many more shows remained only on their website, undiscovered and not earning them enough money.

I suppose that’s the difference between YouTube let’s players and vloggers and GameTrailers. GT has to support not only a staff but the bandwidth costs from hosting its own site and video player. Those are overhead costs that YouTubers don’t have which is why there are so many people there and so few major gaming news sites. In an age of ad-blocking and the democratization of coverage, I think that GameTrailers’s demise won’t be the exception but the norm.

A ton of classic Windows 3.1 games are now playable in your browser

This week the Internet Archive added more than 1,000 Windows 3.1 programs to its free collection of browser-emulated software.

It’s a bit of a treasure trove for video game history buffs, because while it encompasses a variety of software, Windows 3.1 shareware games make up the lion’s share of the collection.

You can, for example, play a copy of early roguelike Castle of the Winds, published by Epic Games (then Epic MegaGames) in 1993, or the shareware version of Will Wright’s SimCity follow-up SimEarth (pictured, and embedded below.)

In the above-linked blog post, archivist Jason Scott notes this was made possible by a significant number of volunteers and that the software is being emulated on a browser-capable version of DOSBOX, which also underpins the Internet Archive’s significant browser-emulated MS-DOS software library.

While most (if not all) of the software in the Archive’s new Windows 3.1 collection appears to be shareware, it’s yet unclear whether making it all freely available is, strictly speaking, legal.

The Archive has a history of conducting unauthorized archival of software and other creative works which it perceives to be for the public good, something Scott has publicly advocated for in the past — including in a GDC 2015 talk in which he called on developers to “steal from work” in the name of preserving game history.

For a deeper look the Internet Archive’s software libraries and its perspective on software preservation, check out its site.

Unreleased Sony PSP ‘Saint’s Row: Undercover’ Up For Free Download Via Original Developers Volition

As far as video game prototypes go their arrival online in a playable form is usually thanks to community efforts and generous individuals. On the rare occasion though, developers who have worked on long lost titles occasionally surface to showcase their efforts – with the latest being the team behind the unreleased Sony PlayStation Portable title Saint’s Row: Undercover.

Having been cancelled in 2009, Volition’s portable take on the Saint’s Row series was due to take place between the events of the first and second game. Their idea was to ultimately create a similar experience to the portable Grand Theft Auto titles by minifying the open-world experience. Although the game reached a playable point in development, the game was soon after canned due to not meeting the board’s requirements.

As of today though, Volition have teamed up with video game historians Unseen64 to gift retro gamers the chance to finally experience this cancelled Sony PSP release. Arriving as 431mb ISO file gamers with modded PlayStation Portable handhelds can drop this game onto their MemorySticks whilst everyone else can give the game a spin in the PPSSPP emulator.


Atari Vault brings over 100 classic arcade games to Steam in Spring 2016

tari is bringing over a hundred of its iconic games, including such beloved classics like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command, to PC in a new game called Atari Vault, and will be shown off for the first time at PAX South.

Atari Vault packs in 100+ iconic titles from the heyday of Atari back in the 70s and 80s, allowing fans to experience the golden age of gaming in the modern age. The title will support online and local multiplayer options, Steam Leaderboards, an updated UI and Steam Controller support for improved precision control.

Atari Vault is currently under development by Code Mystics and is expected to launch in Spring 2016.