Build your own famiclone!

If for whatever you’ve ever felt that the aesthetics of Nintendo’s 8-bit range didn’t live up to expectations, then you’re in luck. Amazon Japan has recently stocked a build it yourself kit of Nintendo NES / Famicom internals which can be sculpted into the console of your dreams...
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The Retro Gaming Times is back!

Retro Gaming Times was the longest running retro gaming newsletter on the web, starting way back in 1997.  It relaunched a few years back, but had to be closed again. But like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes to return again!  Check them out at ...
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RetroVGS / Coleco Chameleon thoughts

This article is an editorial explaining why RRR is distancing itself from one of our former partners. So, Mike Kennedy, the founder of Gamegavel, Retro Magazine, and formerly of Retro Gaming Roundup, decided to make his own gaming console.  This began with him purchasing the Atari Jaguar console...
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Goodbye Gametrailers

After thirteen years, the internet’s oldest and longest running video-focused video game news site has come to a close. On Monday, GameTrailers announced via its Facebook page that it would be closing up shop with immediate effect. The announcement means that all remaining staff members at GameTrailers have lost their...
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