Power your Gen/CD/32X with a single plug

This coming Friday will be 26 years since the Sega Genesis became available in North America. Over the years, it would become a major competitor against video game giant Nintendo, with a wide variety of classics including what would become Sega’s mascot: Sonic The Hedgehog. As the years...
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Hot Wheels release Mario cars for 30th Anniversary

One thing that most retro gamers can agree on, is that we love our gaming past. But this typically goes on much further and beyond just loving our games. We tend to love the generation, the culture, and most importantly, the toys. We love toys around here! Growing...
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Night Trap being ported to HTML5

It was nearly one year ago that a Kickstarter project called “Night Trap: ReVamped” became public, which had hoped to bring the cult classic to modern video game consoles, complete with high definition video and updated controls. While the final amount earned was nowhere near what was needed...
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Get your nominations in for NESt 2015!

Went to get ready for NESt 2015 and saw only three of us have nominations in.  Hoping there’s more than three of us left!  I would like to get the tournament started in August, which leaves 2 or 3 more weeks for nominations. The thread for the NESt...
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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, passed away on Saturday due to ongoing health complications. He was 55 years old. Nintendo announced that the widely respected chief executive died on July 11 “due to a bile duct growth.” Two representative directors remain at the company: Genyo Takeda and Shigeru...
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SNES Playstation CD addon prototype discovered

The fall out between Sony and Nintendo’s mid-nineties collaboration is well documented online, with the collapse of the SNES-CD unit paving way for the unstoppable PlayStation. Since then various tidbits of information, photographs, and documents have since surfaced on this fabled device. As of today though it would...
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Gamestop carrying retro game titles

Earlier this year GameStop started testing retro game sales in some of its New York City locations, and as of this week the program has rolled out nationwide. It’s a smart move for the company – interest in retro game collecting has never been higher, and with more...
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Avast AntiVirus and RRR problems

Some of you might had problems accessing the RRR Website if you have Avast Antivirus. Me (TheWez1981) and Leathco also had this problem. We downloaded the whole website and scanned it for virusses and malware but we were unable to find any. So I reported the Avast Malware notification...
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