Gamestop carrying retro game titles

Earlier this year GameStop started testing retro game sales in some of its New York City locations, and as of this week the program has rolled out nationwide. It’s a smart move for the company – interest in retro game collecting has never been higher, and with more...
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Avast AntiVirus and RRR problems

Some of you might had problems accessing the RRR Website if you have Avast Antivirus. Me (TheWez1981) and Leathco also had this problem. We downloaded the whole website and scanned it for virusses and malware but we were unable to find any. So I reported the Avast Malware notification...
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NESathon for MS starts May 29th!

The 4th annual NESATHON is coming very soon!!! We will be playing NES games for 50+ hours and streaming the whole thing to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Research. The 2015 NESATHON will take place: Friday May 29th at 5:00PM EST and run through until Sunday May 31st! We will be...
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NES Pimp at Midwest Gaming Classic

Forum member NES Pimp got us some awesome video from the Midwest Gaming Classic in Chicago this past month.  Looks like a great time!  There’s all kinds of goodies in this video, it’s well worth the time to watch.  Thanks for taking the time to video your trip!...
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Sly Dog Studios Rise of Amondus trailer released

The next game in the Candelabra epic, called The Rise of Amondus, is a prequel to The Mad Wizard: A Candelabra Chronicle. It is a side-scrolling shooter-style game with a collecting element involved in the gameplay. You control Amondus, Charwit, and Rant to storm the Primwoods and capture...
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