Mega Man Retrospective

This article was originally posted on GamesRadar way back in 2008, but was such a fantastic retrospective of the original adventures of the Blue Bomber I felt it deserved reposting here.  Enjoy! Since his introduction in 1987, Mega Man has starred in more than 100 video games spanning...
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Steam IdleMaster

Just wanted to make this post to notify everyone how to unlock their cards without playing or even download the games. I use Steam IdleMaster, the idea behind it, it emulates you have the game open, but you are idling, so you rank up the game’s playing time...
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Nintendo NES turns 30!

Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle! With those words — and the associated frustration born from hours mastering the jumps, ducks and artfully tossed fireballs required to beat yet another increasingly difficult level — video game culture was reinvented in this country 30 years...
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Power your Gen/CD/32X with a single plug

This coming Friday will be 26 years since the Sega Genesis became available in North America. Over the years, it would become a major competitor against video game giant Nintendo, with a wide variety of classics including what would become Sega’s mascot: Sonic The Hedgehog. As the years...
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Hot Wheels release Mario cars for 30th Anniversary

One thing that most retro gamers can agree on, is that we love our gaming past. But this typically goes on much further and beyond just loving our games. We tend to love the generation, the culture, and most importantly, the toys. We love toys around here! Growing...
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Night Trap being ported to HTML5

It was nearly one year ago that a Kickstarter project called “Night Trap: ReVamped” became public, which had hoped to bring the cult classic to modern video game consoles, complete with high definition video and updated controls. While the final amount earned was nowhere near what was needed...
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Get your nominations in for NESt 2015!

Went to get ready for NESt 2015 and saw only three of us have nominations in.  Hoping there’s more than three of us left!  I would like to get the tournament started in August, which leaves 2 or 3 more weeks for nominations. The thread for the NESt...
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